Book Review: The Next Best Thing

The Next Best Thing is the tenth (tenth!) novel from bestselling author Weiner, a writer I have loved since her first novel, Good In Bed. This time, though, Weiner takes on the lights of Hollywood through the eyes of outsider Ruth.

Ruth and her grandmother have  moved to LA because Ruth sold the script to her new television series The Next Best Thing, a story loosely based on her relationship with her own grandmother. This will be Ruth’s first showrunning experience, though she has good mentors in “The Daves”, on who’s show she previously worked.

One of the Daves, of course, is the subject of an unrequited crush, a side plot that is beautifully told in this girl-good-takes-on-corporate-media story. Ruth is an immensely likable character complete with flaws and foibles, and her grandmother is a nice foil to that.

Likewise, the Daves add comic relief and a touch of romance, and the readers truly feels they are seeing “behind the veil” of how an actually television series come to fruition – probably due to Weiner’s real life experience with her show State of Georgia last year….

I really, really enjoyed this novel, which was primarily read in and around a pool, the perfect place for this type of read. Weiner always writes such memorable, flawed, easy-to-root-for characters, and this one is no exception. This novel is a great balance of character development, plot, insider’s view, romance and storytelling. I loved it!

Another winner from Weiner – be sure to check it out!

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