Relay Wrapup 2012

After a year's worth of work, coordination, frustration, tears, meetings, phone calls, donations and grace...Relay for Life 2012 - and my final event as town chair - has come to an end.

We switched it up this year, going to a Friday night format, just 6pm to 6am on Saturday to try and reduce the amount of heat and sun we all endure during a typical 24-event.

Of course, this being our event, it can't just be that easy.


It had to be COLD.

(Seriously. Cold. People walking around the track in BLANKET. Me wearing gloves at 5am with a sock hat on my head. Cold.)

Weather woes aside, though, it was a great event. We had lots of folks turn out, we raised some money, things went smoothly, and best of all, my pride and joy, "my" contribution to the event, the luminaria ceremony, has been hailed as the best, the most moving, the most memorable - ever.

That makes me feel pretty damn good. :-)

And while I'm still in recovery mode, now I can look back with pride and happiness and gratitude at what a small (very small) group of dedicated volunteers can do.

(With the help of a dedicated sister and father, too.)

Relay for Life 2012 is over, but my memories are indelible now...

Our Survivors...

Relay Survivors

I'm cheesin'...Tiff is trying not to throw up from a migraine. :-(

Opening Ceremony

After our re-imagined Opening Ceremony, the survivor lap...

Survivor Lap

My view of the stands when the lights go out to start the luminaria ceremony...

Luminaria Ceremony View

Into the night sky the flickering balloons go...


I couldn't have done it without Dad and Michelle!

Balloon Maven Michelle

Priceless: getting 30 women to Zumba at midnight on the track!

Zumba at Midnight

We're even front page news...with our Courage Award winner...so special....

Newspaper Coverage

(Yup. It really was cold.)

Freezing Cold Morning

Here's to a good year!


Pam said...

45well done - you must be really pleased with such a great event. Great pictures - thank you for posting them.

Marissa said...

Aww...thank YOU! We know you were there in spirit with us! :-)