iPhone Apps

Yes, I finally caved several months ago.

I traded in my favored iTouch in favor of a shiny new iPhone - and now I don't know how I lived without it!

And it's even charged and I have it with me all the time, for those of you who knew my former cell phone habits. ;-)

As such, I've been trying out different apps, and these are just a few of my favorites...what are yours? I'm always on the lookout for new ones to try!

(It goes without saying that I love the Facebook, email, IMDb, Wikipedia, Relay for Life, Amazon, CVS, Scramble With Friends and Hanging with Friends apps...)

A Song of Ice and Fire Weather App... plug in your location (or several) and it gives you a weather report as though were you in Westeros. Fabulous. :-)

US Weekly App...some people are news junkies, some are gossip junkies...this app fulfills the gossipy one and my CNN and BBC News apps balance the gossip with the news. ;-)

Camera+ app...a different app for using the camera feature on the iPhone that has a lot more editing-on-the-fly features and lets you share on Flickr, etc. Love it!

RunKeeper app...okay, in my case, it's the "WalkFast app"... but I love it! Audio cues, GPS tracking of your distance, timekeeping, all kinds of good stuff. I don't know how I walked before without out!

CheckPoints app...you check it at various shops, and scan items inside to collect points and coins - I use mine most at CVS when I'm waiting for a prescription...earn enough points and you can trade them in for Amazon or iTunes gift cards, or more. It's taking me a while to gather points, but I enjoy the search. :-)

Family Feud App...this is my latest game craze! Just like the show, you try and guess what "100 people" voted for various topics. Sooo addicting!

StarWalk app...this is my newest app download, and I absolutely LOVE it. You point your iPhone towards the sky at night and it shows you what you're looking for...constellations, planets, and there is a done of other information in the app, as well as music and lots of settings you can customize. What an amazingly well done app!

So c'mon...share your favorites! I'm always looking for more...

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