Book Review: Objects of My Affection

Objects of My Affection by Jill Smolinski

I was a huge fan of Smolinski's The Next Thing On My List, so when the fine folks of Touchstone Publicity offered me her newest title, I jumped at the chance!

Poor Lucy Bloom - a professional organizer - is in serious disarray. She recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend, her son is in drug rehab (which she sold her house to pay for), and she's just signed on to organize and clean out the home of a famous, curmudgeonly, hoarder of an artist.

As Lucy dives into Marva's home, she uncovers more than just junk, but rather a view into Marva's private life, the relationship her with son, which throws light on Lucy's own relationship with her son. Thrown into the mix is a sexy moving guy, a hilarious break-in, a mystery dealing with marva, a famous painting gone missing, and a lot of soul searching.

Smolinski's novel is a balm after my rash of bad reading choices - easy to read, great characters, smooth plot but with enough heart and introspection to make it interesting and worthwhile. Lucy finally finds her way, Marva finally finds her floor, but will they live happily ever after? You have to read to find out...

A lovely diversion!

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