The DisneyWorld Adventure!

As you probably know, my sister and I decided to head down to sunny Florida a couple of weeks ago for some sun and fun, and to go to the happiest place on Earth - DisneyWorld!

In short, we had a great time. :-)

Other than a nasty head cold I was battling and one brief rain shower, it was a fantastic trip filled with lots of memories and good times with my sis. :-)

(For those interested, Zoe spent the week with Grandpa at his house. After pouting for the first twenty-four hours, she got into the spirit of daily walks, treats and Grandpa snuggles.)

We did the "whole meal deal" package through Disney's website - tickets to the parks, a stay at Pop Century, the meal plan, and transportation all included, making it easy to plan (and purchase). Everything was great (except for check-in when the whole computer system was down - oops.) Lovin' the easy plan!

But what's a vacation without a few hiccups? We still had a dandy time!

So, without further ado, the photo wrapup!

We checked in, and headed straight to Magic Kingdom - we're here, Walt!

Walt, Mickey and the Castle

We rode lots of rides that first day, like Space Mountain, Snow White, It's a Small World, Pirates of the Carribean and Jungle Cruise, to name a few...and our favorite, the PeopleMover!

Our First Ride

That evening, after a rain shower, we had the most PRIMO spots (in the park, I think!) to watch the Electrical Parade...it definitely pays to ask a "cast member" where to stand. :-)

Electrical Parade

Of course, we had to stay for "Wishes", the fireworks show, which chokes me up...

Great Shot

The next morning, we ambled over to Epcot to spend the day, which we LOVED!


We started off with Spaceship Earth (so cool!), got FastPasses for Soarin' (which was amazing!), and then headed for the countries, where we had a ball!


China at Epcot



And England of course!

Coming Up on England

We loved all the food, and we had a GREAT time shopping, particularly in China and Japan! Dinner in England, dessert in France - a great day!

Of course, I rocked out a wicked sunburn that day, which I'm showing off the next morning as we leave Pop Century...

Showing Off My Sunburn

The next morning, we ambled over to Animal Kingdom to ride Expedition Everest (Michelle loved it; I screamed like a little girl for most of it)...

View of "Asia"

And to see the Tree of Life - which was very cool!

Tree of Life

We had a lazy lunch at Rainforest Cafe, then spent the afternoon napping poolside or in the room, reading, and just relaxing, because we knew we had a big night ahead...

Leap Day, February 29, was also know as "One More Disney Day" - and Magic Kingdom was going to be open for 24.Hour.Straight for the first time ever!


We didn't make it 24 hours, but we did stick it out until almost 1:30 in the morning - and the place was still packed! So much fun to be in the park "after hours"!

We got our "Dole Whip", rode lots of rides with shorter lines (Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Peter Pan, the Carousel, the Tea Cups, and the PeopleMover) before calling it a night...

It was really, really crowded when we got there about 8pm...


Ridin' the carousel...


Finally, we were wiped out and went back to Pop Century to SLEEP IN!

We decided to just chill poolside all day...

Hang Out Day

In the evening, though, we got gussied up and headed back to Epcot for our dinner reservations at the British pub - right on the water for a great view of the fireworks later!

All Smiles!

Dinner Lagoon-Side

The dinner (particularly the drinks and appetizers) was great!


We then capped off the evening (and the vacation) with the "Illuminations" fireworks show...

And then, just like that, the week in Florida was over, but we have great memories of the trip - I'm so glad we went!

Memories indeed...

One More Disney Day!

There are lots more pictures to be had of the trip - they are all on Flickr.

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