One for the Money Movie Review

I was super-psyched to go to One for the Money this weekend (with fellow Janet Evanovich devotee Becca, and my Dad - so we had quite the demographic spread going!).

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.

I was skeptical about Katherine Heigl's ability to pull off Jersey girl Stephanie Plum, but I thought she was likable, tough enough, goofy enough and had great comic timing.

I was also not feelin' the Morelli casting of Jason Mara, but as the film went on, he grew on me...and the scruff didn't hurt. ;-) It took them some time to get the chemistry going between the two of them, but it clicked eventually!

Ranger (Daniel Sunjata) still was miscast to me - he was fine, but missed so many salient Ranger points (the ponytail, the manly features, the "babe" said the right way, etc etc etc).I still say Jon Huertas from Castle is MY Ranger!

The supporting cast was also fantastic - Connie Rizzoli, Lula, Grandma Mazur, even Vinny were all right on, and the plot stayed fairly true to what I remembered from the book, and the movie moved along at a good clip. I didn't find my mind wandering nor did I glance at my watch - good signs for a movie these days!

Overall, I really enjoyed getting to see The Burg on the screen, and I hope the franchise continues! I want to see more! :-)

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