Indoor Fort...

My sister and I are nine years apart in age.

Consequently, we didn't have a tremendous amount in common growing up, but some of my favorite childhood memories are of the days when we had permission to build an indoor fort in our little-used living room and we would work together to build it.

It involved lots of sheets and sleeping bags, a stereo, "decorations", snacks and usually culminated in Michelle braiding my hair or painting my nails while I reveled in the attention of my fabulous older sister.

Good times. :-)

I sometimes wish I could still build an indoor fort to escape the world for a while.

(in reality, though, Zoe would probably just romp through it and tear it down gleefully, you know?)

I even gave my Jen's son Layne a "fort kit" for Christmas, complete with sheets, ropes, clamps, glowsticks, a flashlight and a homemade quilt with his favorite colours to use for his fort.

Made me want to make one of my own again...

If nothing else, I can say I wish I had this escape, though my indoor forts certainly never looked this good...

Don't you just want to crawl inside for a while?

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