A Couple of Quick Reviews...

With this chilly weather coming on, I might be reading a lot this weekend, so let's get caught up on what I've already read in the new year...

The Kingdom of Childhood by Rebecca Coleman

This sounded like an intriguing creepy plot involving a story ripped from the news...a teacher and a student begin an illicit affair, but it's a surprise as to which one becomes more obsessive about the relationship...

This started off strongly, but I found myself skimming by about halfway through - it just didn't capture me as I hoped. Eh.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I *had* to reread before the release of the movie, and it was amazing how many details I had forgotten! Such a great re-read - such a great book! Sooooo excited about the movie release!

House Rules: A Joe DeMarco Novel by Mike Lawson

This was a Kindle "daily deal", so for 99 cents, I gave it a whirl. Joe DeMarco is a "fixer" for the Speaker of the House, and when several threats against the US are had in short order (a small plane aimed for the White House, a foiled bomb attempt in Baltimore), Joe has to get to the bottom of it. Toss in politics, a lousy brother, meth, the FBI and quite a suspension of disbelief, and you have this novel. Not going to set the world on fire, in my opinion, but a fine enough diversion for a few hours.

29 Gifts by Cami Walker

This was also a re-read for me, as it was our book discussion book at the library this month. Still an inspiring, interesting memoir about how giving gifts can change your luck...speedy and inspiring read!

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

I thought this sounded like *such* an interesting memoir - a young woman "from means" in the US travels to Uganda and ends up staying permanently, adopting 12 children, and chronicles her struggles, interactions and adventures in struggling Africa. That part *was* interesting - but since I would say 80% of the book was nothing more than proselytizing (and proselytizing, and proselytizing), I skimmed a lot. Disappointing to me, but I'm sure someone who's much (much, much) more Christian than I would not be so turned off. I just wanted to hear about Uganda...not Jesus. Sigh.

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