Book Review: The Rope

The Rope by Nevada Barr

I have been a devoted fan of Nevada Barr's "Anna Pigeon" mystery series since 1998, so when I heard that Barr was going to take us "to where it all began" (going back in time and telling us about Anna's start in the National Park system), I was thrilled.

And Barr didn't disappoint.

True, despite my love for the series, the last few titles haven't grabbed me in the same way, but this one pulls out all the stops - introduces us to a younger Anna, has lot of action, mystery, scenery and quirky characters, but an ultimately happy ending.


This time, Anna is just 35, fresh from Zach's death, and assigned to Lake Powell in Arizona, where she is introverted and quiet amongst her colleagues. Which explains why no one really notices when she disappears...

Disappears into a deep pit that she can't get out of - left naked, starving, and alone.

That a novel with the main protagonist down in a hole alone for a good chunk of the book can still be fast-paced, frightening, mysterious and with a "go girl" bent is a testament to Anna, and to her author.

This was a unique National Park setting, a great flashback to a younger Anna, an intriguing mystery, and such a unique story to tell. LOVED it! Sooo tempted to go back and read all the Anna Pigeon's in order again, just so I can spend time with one of my very favorite fiction characters...

Highly recommended!

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