Book Review: Home Front by Kristin Hannah

Home Front by Kristin Hannah

I have been fortunate enough to receive advance copies of Kristin Hannah's last several books, so we the lovely ladies at Authors on the Web offered up her newest, I was raring to go!

I really enjoyed this latest title, curling up in bed to finish the last several hundred pages in one sitting. Michael and Jolene seem to have it all - two daughters, a nice home, a stable marriage and two jobs they love, he as an attorney, she as a Blackhawk pilot in the National Guard. But everything spins out of orbit when Michael announces he doesn't love Jolene anymore, right before she is called into active duty in Iraq...

This is a wonderfully written novel - it could have been pathetic and angsty, but Hannah strikes just the right balance of indignation, fear, angst, action and romance. This is sort of a "slow burn" novel, with bouts of excitement, but overall, it's about the journey of all the characters, rather than the actions that brought them from start to finish.

I really liked the twist of the woman as the military officer, and the man staying on "the home front", and the settings Hannah evokes are always picture perfect and easy to see in my mind's eye. Another winner from Hannah - highly recommended!

(This novel goes on sale January 21, 2012)

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Ελλάδα said...

Michael Zarkades has always relied on Jolene to keep the home fires running smoothly and now she’s gone to war and left him in an alien world to deal with their two daughters and his career on his own, while she’s gone he learns valuable lessons about himself, their family and the marriage he was ready to end.