2012 Index of Book Reviews

2005 - 162 titles read
2006 - 152 titles read
2007 - 158 titles read
2008 - 159 titles read
2009 - 178 titles read
2010 - 128 titles read
2011 - 154 titles read
2012 - 122 titles read

(F - fiction, NF - non-fiction, AB - audiobook, YA - young adult, J - juvenile, K- Kindle read)

Anonymous. Belle de Jour. NF, K.
Anshaw, Carol. Carry the One. F.

Baker, Tiffany. The Gilly Salt Sisters. F.
Ballis, Stacy. Spinster Sisters. F, K.
Balogh, Mary. His Secret Mistress. F, AB.
Barbosa, Jackie. The Lesson Plan. F, K.
Barr, Nevada. The Rope. F.
Belle, Logan. Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian. F, K.
Bourdain, Anthony. The Nasty Bits. NF.
Bernier, Nichole. The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. F.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Future Perfect. F, AB.
Brown, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn. Becoming Sister Wives. NF.
Bryson, Bill. A Walk In the Woods. NF.
Burke, Alafair. Never Tell. F.

Cannell, Stephen J. Vigilante. F, AB.
Castillo, Linda. Gone Missing. F.
Chbosky, Stephen. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. YA.
Clare, Cassandra. City of Fallen Angels. YA.
Coben, Harlan. Stay Close. F, AB.
Cohen, Andy. Most Talkative. NF.
Coleman, Rebecca. The Kingdom of Childhood. F.
Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. YA, K.
Condie, Ally. Matched. YA.
Condie, Ally. Crossed. YA.
Coonts, Deborah. So Damn Lucky. F.

Daniels, B.J. Lassoed. F.
Davis, Katie. Kisses From Katie. NF.
Duffy, Erin. Bond Girl. F.

Elkeles, Simone.  Leaving Paradise. YA,F, K.
Elkeles, Simone. Finding Paradise. YA, F, K.
Erickson, Carolly. The Unfaithful Queen. F.
Evanovich, Janet. Notorious Nineteen. F.

Flynn, Gillian. Gone Girl. F.
Freudenberger, Nell. The Newlyweds. F.

Genova, Lisa. Love Anthony. F.
Gideon, Melanie. Wife 22. F.
Giffin, Emily. Where We Belong. F, AB.
Goreski, Brad. Born to be Brad. NF.
Green, Jane. Another Piece of My Heart. F.
Green, John. The Fault In Our Stars. YA.
Green, John, et al. Let It Snow. YA.
Greenwood, Leigh. The Independent Bride. F.
Gross, Jessica Berger. enLIGHTened. NF.
Gudenkauf, Heather. One Breath Away. F.
Gupta, Sanjay. Monday Mornings. F.

Hannah, Kristin. Home Front. F.
Hannah, Kristin. Firefly Lane. F.
Harkness, Deborah. A Discovery of Witches. F, K.
Heyer, Georgette. The Convenient Marriage. F, AB.
Hilderbrand, Elin. Silver Girl. F, AB.
Holmes, Steena. Finding Emma. F.
Howard, Beth. Making Piece. NF.

Jackson, Joshilyn. A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty. F.
James, Eloisa. The Ugly Duchess. F.
James, E. L. Fifty Shades of Grey. F, K.
James, E. L. Fifty Shades Darker. F, K.
James, E. L. Fifty Shades Freed. F, K.
Jeffries, Sabrina. 'Twas the Night After Christmas. F.

Kelly, Leslie. Slow Hands. F, K.
Kenney, John. Truth in Advertising. F.
Koryta, Michael. Sorrow's Anthem. F, AB.
Koryta, Michael. The Prophet. F.
Kralik, John. 365 Thank Yous. NF.

LaBan, Elizabeth. The Tragedy Paper. F, YA.
LaFevers, Robin. Grave Mercy. F, YA.
Landay, William. Defending Jacob. F.
Lankford, Andrea. Ranger Confidential. NF
Lanza, Michael. Before They're Gone. NF.
Lawson, Mike. House Rules. F, K.
Lippman, Laura. And When She Was Good. F.
Livesey, Margot. The Flight of Gemma Hardy. F.

Mallery, Susan. Delicious. F, AB.
Maynard, Joyce. Labor Day. F.
McCleen, Grace. The Land of Decoration. F.
McGarry, Katie. Pushing the Limits. F, YA.
McLaughlin, Emma and Kraus, Nicola. Between You and Me. F.
Medeiros, Teresa. The Pleasure of Your Kiss. F.
Medeiros, Teresa. The Devil Wears Plaid. F.
Monroe, Lucy. And Able. F.

Palacio, R. J. Wonder. F, YA.
Pascal, Francine. Sweet Valley Confidential. F, K.
Patterson, James. Now You See Her. F, AB.
Patterson, James. Private Games. F, AB.
Pavone, Chris. The Expats. F.
Pekkanen, Sarah. These Girls. F.
Picoult, Jodi. Lone Wolf. F.
Picoult, Jodi and Samantha Van Leer. Between the Lines. F, YA.
Potter, Alexandra. You're (Not) The One. F.
Priddis, Marissa. North of Normal. F.
Priddis, Marissa. Heart and Hale. F.
Priddis, Marissa. Sonata of Secrets. F.

Radford, Ceri. Surrey State of Affairs. F.
Rankin, Ian. Knots and Crosses. F.
Ribon, Pamela. You Take It From Here. F.
Riggle, Kristina. Keepsake. F.
Roberts, Nora. Tribute. F, AB.
Roberts, Nora. The Witness. F.
Roberts, Nora. Northern Lights. F, AB.

Roth, Veronica. Divergent. F, YA.
Roth, Veronica. Insurgent. F, YA.

Segal, Francesca. The Innocents. F.
Schmais, Libby. The Pillow Book of Lotus Lowenstein. YA.
Scottoline, Lisa. Come Home. F, AB.
Shaw, Chantelle. His Private Mistress. F. 
Sleeth, Nancy. Almost Amish. NF.
Smolinski, Jill. Objects of my Affection. F.
Sparks, Nicholas. The Lucky One. F, K.
Strayed, Cheryl. Wild. NF.

Taylor, John. In the Pleasure Groove. NF.
Thompson, Vicki Lewis. Already Home. F, K.
Tolkien, JRR. The Hobbit. F, K.
Tracy, PJ. Off the Grid. F.
Tropper, Jonathan. One Last Thing Before I Go. F.
Tzemach Lemmon, Gayle. The Dressmaker of Khair Khana. NF.

Verghese, Abraham. Cutting for Stone. F.

Walker, Cami. 29 Gifts. NF.
Weiner, Jennifer. The Next Best Thing. F.
Woods, Stuart. D.C. Dead. F, AB.
Woods, Stuart. Son of Stone. F, AB.
Woods, Stuart. Unnatural Acts. F, AB.

Zevin, Gabrielle. Elsewhere. F, YA.

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