2011 Music Mix

It's time for another yearly "mix tape" of a few of Marissa's favorite songs for the year, those that got the most spin on ye olde iTouch/iPhone...

Some of the songs are new, some are old, some are rediscoveries, and some just f'n rock for all time. ;-) Maybe you'll find one or two to check out...


The Anthem - Pitbull
(It makes me shake my ass, it makes me haul ass when I'm walking, and it wakes me up in the morning. What's not to love?!)

Is Your Love Strong Enough - How to Destroy Angels
(This is the "closing credits" song for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - so nice to hear a new song with Trent of NIN screaming in the background. Beautiful song.)

Hold It Against Me / Trouble for Me - Britney Spears 
(I couldn't decide which of the songs from Britney's new album I preferred, so I listed them both. Both are poppy, fast paced and fun!)

Personal Jesus (Stargate Mix) - Depeche Mode
(This remix simply reminded me all year that Depeche Mode was my first musical love, and always will be. SUCH a fantastically done remix - dare I say...as good as the original?)

Rollin in the Deep - Adele
(Everyone had an Adele song for the year, didn't they? This one was mine...)

Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim
(Caught a snippet of this song somewhere, got it stuck in my head, and it's been in rotation ever since. Rockin' good "rock out" song - totally gets things going in the morning! In constant rotation last year and this year.)

Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
(Heard in an episode of True Blood, and since I already dig MA, knew I had to own it. Have played it roughly 489073450 times since downloading. Gor-ge-ous, and with great vocals from Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval. Turns out, later last year, a mix of the song featured in the Lincoln car commercials featuring foxy John Slattery. Nice. Still listening to this one a year later.)

My Friend - Groove Armada
(I defy you to not shake your ass to this song. Seriously. It makes me smile. And it's my ringtone on my shiny new iPhone.)

Just Like You Imagined - Nine Inch Nails
(Yeah. The 300 trailer. The obligatory NIN song inclusion. This song was in constant rotation all year, still. Yeah. Many a morning I screeched into the library parking lot with this blaring, rockin' out.)

Clubbed to Death [Kurayamino Variation] - Rob Dougan
(This is always on the playlist, and has been since 1999.)

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