Catching Up: Photo Style!

With the bustle of finishing NaNoWriMo, and many other things, I haven't updated in a while....so let's see what we've been up to....

Well, first off, I FINALLY got an iPhone, so my pictures are suddenly all iPhone-y, instead of camera-y....

I dressed up FABULOUSLY for Halloween... ;-)


I saw the Sistine Chapel at my library, thanks to a traveling Michelangelo exhibit...

Michelangelo exhibit

I received an incredible, moving, personal quilt in memory of my Mum from my Auntie Pam...I have no words for how wonderful it is...

Quilt from Auntie Pam

Zoe was eager to have Grandpa come visit for Thanksgiving...little did we know...

Waiting for Grandpa

Having a Snuggle

Michelle and I participated in a 5K on Thanksgiving morning (along with 2,000 other people), with her running and me walking (fast), with two new personal best times!

Ready to Run/Walk

At the Start Line

But after that, we spent the next four days at the hospital as Dad was admitted with a truly scary case of cellulitis...not much of a Thanksgiving, but he's on the mend, at least...

Hospital Food

But he was finally able to come home and see the Granddog again...

Are You My Grandpa?

I got a new hairdo - new color, new cut...Zoe approved!

New Hairdo

And I got in the holiday spirit with a visit to the Evansville Fantasy of Lights, putting up the (new) library tree, enjoying the Peppermint Pops orchestra concert with Becca, and decorating around the house...


All Done!

Peppermint Pops

Pretty, No?

And how have you been? :-)

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Jen said...

Dude, that's the best looking hospital tray I've ever seen! :) And is that a half naked highlander on your end table?