Book Review: Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky by DC Brod

This was a surprise book from the lovely ladies at FSB, who sent me a review copy in anticipation of the book's December 18 release date.

This is the second book featuring freelance writer and reporter Robyn Gutherie of Fowler, Illinois. She is given an assignment on a new "green" community when the report covering the story - Clair - is tragically killed in a hit and run accident. Robyn finds herself suddenly thrust into an ever-increasing web of deception, old high school foes, and on and off boyfriend, the mob, a shady land deal and an aging parent. Brod packs a lot of story into 300 pages!

Though this was a sequel, I didn't feel particularly "lost" among the recurringcharacters, and Robyn is a refreshing hero - north of forty, childless (with little desire for one), with her own foibles and hangups (and a dog, of course), and a career that keeps her afloat but hasn't made her wealthy.

I thought this was a fun cozy mystery with good characters, a good setting, and enough backstory to keep it interesting. I can see Brod continuing the series with lots more ideas for Robyn in the future. A great mystery read for a lazy (in my case, Friday) afternoon...


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