Book Review: Far From Here by Nicole Baart

 Far From Here by Nicole Baart

Authors on the Web were kind enough to send me a review copy of this upcoming title (it's being released on February 7), and I was glad to read it before 2011 timed out! Danica Greene loves her husband, loves living in Blackhawk, Iowa, loves her job as a stylist, and absolutely hates her husband's career - a small-plane pilot. She is terrified to fly, when that is all Etsell wants to do, and they fight when Etsell agrees to go to Alaska for a few weeks to help out a fellow pilot friend, against Danica's wishes.

Which is all fine and good...until Etsell and his plane disappears into the wilds of Alaska. The rest of the book is Danica in limbo... is Etsell gone? What was he really doing there? How does Danica move on? Should she? Danica is surrounded by a colorful cast of secondary characters, and there is a pervasive feeling of unresolved actions in the book, and though I guessed the ending, it was still an enjoyable journey to get there. Baart's writing is lovely, and I'm glad I read it! Recommended!

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