Treehouse for Grown-Ups

I've never had a treehouse of my own.

The closest I've ever come to my own treehouse was when my cousins in Eastbourne (England) shared theirs for one summer with me, built by my uncle.

I recall our (Freddy, Katy and I) clandestine plan to spend the night in the treehouse - we saved our few quid, and off we went to Sainsbury's to buy dinner for ourselves. As I recall, we bought a very well-balanced meal of Cadbury's, crisps, Ribena and all manner of junk food.

It was brilliant. :-)

We holed up in the treehouse with our blankets, shared our foodly treasures, and giggled a lot...one of my favorite England summer memories...

I must say, though, that treehouse didn't look like this:

(Doesn't it look like Hobbiton on stilts?)

I like this one as well - perhaps for the back garden?

Of course, if you're going to stay in a treehouse, really STAY in a treehouse - in Bali, no less:

Perhaps it's time to sleep under the stars again...I've not done it in years...or better yet, in one of those treehouses...

(Treehouses always remind me of the Enid Blyton series "The Faraway Tree" as well...anyone else?)

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