Book Review: Hot Water by Erin Brockovich

Hot Water by Erin Brockovich and C.J. Lyons

I was offered a review copy of Brockovich's second novel in the "A.J. Palladino" series by the lovely folks at FSB, but I wanted to be sure I read the first in the series (Rock Bottom) first before diving into this one, and I'm glad I did!

In short, this is a series filled with great characters. A.J. is a tough as nails, tenacious crusader for various environmental and energy issues (big coal, nuclear power) in West Virginia, where she is surrounded by a memorable cast of family and friends, including her incredibly intelligent son David, her dysfunctional parents, her long time friend Ty, and her new partner Elizabeth. Rock Bottom goes a long way to establishing these characters and their relationships, and Hot Water takes them and runs.

This time around, A.J. is asked to help improve the image of a nuclear plant that is different from any others, but within that request are secrets, drama, a radioactive gator, a custody battle, a kidnapping, another ruined pair of boots and a plot that roars along at breakneck pace, and no matter how incredulous it becomes, you still believe and root for A.J. to win.

I really enjoy the different aspect of this suspense series - not the same cop or PI spin - and I really love spending time with the characters, who are so well drawn to me. I'm already wondering what A.J. is going to get up to next, and for someone who doesn't read a tremendous amount of suspense, that is saying something.

Hot Water is a great follow up to Rock Bottom, but I recommend reading them in order - read one, then the second. Both are great! Can't wait for A.J.'s next adventure!

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