Vacation Wrap-Up

Overall, vacation was truly fantastic. Here it is, by the numbers:

Number of miles driven: 2714
Number of books read: 23
Number of pasties eaten: 4
Number of times I drove: 3
Number of waterfalls seen:9
Number of Great Lakes seen: 3

Good times. :-)

Want to watch a video version of the trip? Here ya go! Includes pictures, videos I took, and splices everything all together with some zippy music (mostly, I wanted an excuse to learn how to use iMovie *grin*)

But sometimes, it's good to come home too - especially to my own bed! :-)

And I guess they were happy to see me at work too - I got a cheering squad comprised of the staff, decorated office windows and a funny office door:


Thanks for traveling with us!

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Pam said...

Hey - well done - this is very much the next level in holiday snaps! glad you both had a good time.