Vacation Day Ten: The One with Lazy Time

We decided to spend this day at the cabin, just hangin' out, reading books, being lazy and, you know, vacation-y.

It was great. :-)

I read like three books, took naps, had some nice relaxation time...while Dad went for like three walks.

By the evening, he was seriously twitchy and couldn't seem to settle, so I suggested an evening exploration of Tobacco River, a small beach just a mile down the road.

We saddled up in the van and explored Tobacco River...

Not Sure...

Tobacco River

Tobacco River Falls

We decided to go for a drive after that to explore a bit, taking roads we'd not taken before...which isn't always a good idea...

Uh Oh

Um, oops.

After a 29-point turn, we found another road, and ended up at Traverse Point just as the sun was setting. A great (fairly) lazy day!

Traverse Point

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