Vacation Day Nine: The One with the Secret Place

Seriously? Another sunrise picture?


Another Beautiful Sunrise

Today was going to be an adventure - I had read on the internet about a little-known, little-visited Nature Conservancy Preserve (the Mary McDonald Preserve) that was past Copper Harbor, off the end of the paved road, but worth seeing, so off we went, adventure in our hearts!

We would need it.

This would be the one lane track leading to the quote-parking area-unquote.

Driving In to the Preserve

And then it was the hike down to the preserve...a bit perilous with rocks and downed trees...Zoe, however, was unfazed...

Heading Out

And then, the trees cleared and we stumbled onto this:

To the Left

To the Right

Horseshoe Bay is a completely calm, completely rock-lined bay at the top of the peninsula, and we were obviously the only visitors for quite some time...

People/puppy pictures...


Horseshoe Bay

Someone Didn't Listen

Kind of an eerie place, but really cool to see - and to say we've seen! Not many have, I would venture!

After that, we mooched around Copper Harbor for lunch and shopping, then did the annual sojourn up Brockway Mountain, a pretty drive that showcases a great view of the area and the changing leaves...

Zoe, Not So Interested



And, of course, what day in the cabin in complete without an Eagle River run?

Eagle River Run

This time, complete with a Canadian Goose to bark at and taunt (I suspect the goose was injured, but Zoe never got too close)...

*bark, bark*

A day capped off with another pretty moonrise...


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