Vacation Day Five: The One Without Power

As promised, I'm going to continue blogging my trip day by day, even though it's a bit late, due to total lack of connectivity for much of our remaining trip - but here we go, for posterity if nothing else!

The night before we left Munising, a huge storm knocked out all the power in the Holiday Inn from about 9:30pm until about 2:30am (we ended up using the light on my Kindle cover to see!), and when we departed to head to the cabin, it was still mighty windy 'round those parts...observe...

We purred along the coast in intermittent rain, taking a small side trip to Marquette to see what the waves were doing, and they were mighty impressive on Presque Isle and along the front...wow! I'd never seen Superior waves like this! Loved it!

Presque Isle Breakwater

Marquette Waves

We finally arrived at Loot's Lodge, our cabin for the week, and I actually screamed when we pulled into the driveway, we were so close to the water.

But we had another surprise in store...

Let me show/tell you...

First thing on the agenda - get some heat going in the wood stove - the storm had made the air mighty chilly inside!

Building Some Heat...

But the storm clouds did clear off eventually, and we did a bit of exploring before we knew we had to "hunker down"...

(we never saw another soul the entire time we were at the cabin: thus, miles of beachfront to ourselves!)

Happy Hav!

Cabin from the Beach

But then hunker down we did...knowing we were going to be without any light source by 8pm, it was like Defcon Four in the cabin by 7pm - pajamas on, teeth brushed, beds ready to go, food consumed, Kindle cover light on standby (these things normally wouldn't have happened for a good four or five more hours)...when with my exceptional hearing, I thought I heard the sound of a truck backing up.

And just as the last of the evening's light faded, the cabin electricity came on!

And there was much rejoicing! Yay!

Not even so much for the light, but for the facilities. See, the water, and thus toilets, are all powered by electricity, so no electric, no loo.

I always swore after Girl Scouts I would never pee in the woods again, but I can now say I've broken that vow.

Damn camping. ;-)

Still, a great first day at the cabin!


Clearing Storm

(full set of vacation snaps here)

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