Day Fourteen: The One Where We Went to Wisconsin

After leaving Iron Mountain, Dad and I traveled south to visit Door County, Wisconsin for a couple of days. So many people told us to visit Door County - it was pretty, it had good shopping, and it was fun to see - so off we went!

On our first day in Door County, we did a bit of shopping at a few shops, and saw some boats in the various town harbors...

Door County

We stopped for pizza and gelato for lunch (yum!)...I recommend the salted caramel...


And then, after more driving to go up to the "top" (Gill's Rock), I started feeling seriously crappy with a migraine. Dad, however, soldiered on driving, and as we were going "back down" the peninsula, he saw a county park that might provide views of the coast (like we were used to in the Keweenaw).

Unfortunately, the road to the hiking trail was blocked by a number of fallen trees, so we parked (sorta), then followed the trail - marveling at the damage from that storm a week before:

Storm Damage

Climbing Over

I wasn't really happy about the climbing over trees, but kept on...mind over matter...until we reached the trail down to what we assumed was the beach - sheer rock faces, slick leaves on the ground, steep inclines, and an overeager dog pulling the leash. I made it down, head pounding, only for us to discover you pretty much have to rappel to get to the beach level. We snapped a photo, then slogged back up the trail to the van...


I Do NOT...

We continued back down south to Sturgeon Bay, where we were staying, with a small stopover at a winery/market for some goodies to bring home. Tomorrow - shoppping!

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