Day Fifteen: The One Where We Did Lots of Shopping

We had designated this as a shopping day, with a dose of "pretty" along the way.

We started off with a dog walk in a pretty roadside park...



Beach, Park, Quarry

We spent the morning shopping in Egg Harbor (so much cute stuff!), then hit a market for sandwiches and nibbles and parked by the beach for a pretty lunchtime view...

Lunch Spot

Then we traveled to Fish Creek for more shopping and a wander around the truly fantastic inside-and-out Edgewater Orchard Gallery - so many amazing pieces of art in lots of different mediums. I spent a LOT of money (in my head) there! ;-)

Edgewood Orchard Gallery


And just like that...vacation was over. We saddled up early the next morning and drove for nearly ten hours to get back to Dad's house, then I left for TinyTown the following afternoon to unpack and resettle before work started again the following day. The vacation was fantastic, and I wish I was still there! Hope you enjoyed traveling with us! :-)

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