Vacation Day Two: The Other Rainy One

We're on vacation!

It's raining!

We're wearing funny hats!

We're On Vacation!

Ahem, so let's see what we did today...we bailed out of St. Ignace fairly early and headed up to Whitefish Point, home of a lot of shipwrecks, a lighthouse, and the first beach Zoe ever romped on.

I swear she remembered...

C'mon already!

Hurry Up!

And then we opened up onto this...the promised land...


Which OBVIOUSLY precipitated this...repeat about 50 times, and you have our morning down pat. ;-)

A view of the lighthouse and surrounding buildings, in case wetlogged puppies aren't your speed...

Whitefish Point

We headed out of Whitefish Point after a couple of hours, through Paradise, Michigan - stopping by a quilt store on the way - and cruised across the UP towards our next destination. On the way from Whitefish Point to Grand Marais, we saw some local colour happening...

From Whitefish Point to Grand Marais

We stopped in Grand Marais for a spot of lunch and another beach run on their Dunes Beach...

Looking Back

A man and his (grand)dog...

A Man and His Dog

We packed it in as the rain started falling again, and drove along the newly paved H-58 (yay!) to see what we could see...including a waterfall we hadn't visited before.

Sable Falls - 500 yards of walking followed by 198730874035 steps down - is absolutely beautiful...

Sable Falls

And I bet it's even better when, you guessed it, it's not raining. But I wouldn't know because it was POURING when we were there. ;-)

Guess What?

And now we're in Munising, checked into our traditional, and absolutely fabu, Holiday Inn Express with the great view...

Munising Hotel View

And guess what?! Now that we're checked in and doing nothing for the rest of the day, it's STOPPED RAINING!

Oh well, I'm still a happy vacation girl - if a bit damp. ;-)

Rain Gear at the Ready!

(Want to see all the vacation snaps? Check them out here on Flickr...)

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