Vacation Day Three: The Beachy One

And the rains stopped, and the sun came out...and it was good. :-)

We woke to a great sunrise and clear skies and ambled to breakfast, only to praise the latest in breakfast making technology: it's an automatic pancake maker, y'all.

Pancake Maker = Genius.

My life is complete - once I get one for Sunnymeade. ;-)

But I digress...

Wanting to take advantage of the great weather, we hustled outta the hotel and down to Miner's Beach - our first "real" beach every year, and still my sentimental favorite - and Zoe's too. It's almost always deserted, secluded, big and roomy, and just so darn pretty...

Miner's Beach View

Mommy and Me

Water Puppy

But don't just take my word for it..Kid Rock is a fan of the beach too...so much so, that he filmed his "Born Free" vid right here where we're standing, and around the Munising area...

My vid on the beach isn't quite as impressive, but it still makes me smile...such a happy girl, doin' her Havanese zoomies...

After a long while spent at the Miner's Beach, we meandered down the road to the overlook at Miner's Castle, once again marveling at the colour of the water, the clearness, and the pretty day...

Miner's Castle

Miner's Castle Overlook

Of course, we did the traditional "we were here!" shot at the overlook...

Miner's Castle

Afterwards, Dad and I hit the trail to visit Miner's Falls where, sadly, puppies are forbidden. Zoe took a nap while we hiked, and the view was well worth the walk...

Miner's Falls

A short vid of the falls...and the lovely noise it makes...

After all that exertion, we went to Glen's supermarket, grabbed a sandwich and took it to Sand Point (beach #2 of the day!) to eat and then wandered a bit.

Sand Point

After lunch, I was headachy and Dad and Zoe (and I!) were snoozy, so we retired to the room for a long nap with the lake breeze blowing in the porch door and the world drifting by...

But of course, there was another beach to be had before the sun went down! We headed off for a beach on a lay-by on H58, complete with a large sandy beach and another river running into the lake, perfect for a "last dash of the day" on beach #3 for Zoe...the humans enjoyed it too, but not with quite the same enthusiasm for getting wet, sandy and exhausted. ;-)

Doing a Runner

But for the headache setback, twas a good day! Someone seemed to enjoy themselves, in any case... ;-)

Happy Girl

Muldoon's pasties, reading, and the hot tub - that's the plan for tonight! G'night!

(Flickr pictures can be seen here of the whole trip)

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