Vacation Day One: The Rainy One

Welcome to my vacation! Glad you're coming along with us!

After a great previous evening send-off from Don, Michelle and Ziggy, we saddled up and left Columbus at oh-dark-thirty (okay, 7:20am, but that's 6:20am to me...), and began the trek up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Which is about 8 hours away.

My thoughts exactly, Zoe...

Traveler Girl

While this isn't normally a fun-filled drive, it's even less so when, well, it's raining.

And it rained.

A lot.

We did have a few breaks in the weather, and nearly lucked out the entire we stopped at our favorite "we're almost there, right?!" destination, Uncle John's Cider Mill....

Uncle John's Cider Mill

Honey crisp apples, cider and cheese curds purchased: check.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and creamy tomato soup for lunch: double check!

And we're back on the road...and into more rain...

"I think that's a bridge up there..."

Rain, Rain...

Is it?

It is!

Crossin' Into the UP

We crossed "Big Mac", we found our hotel, and then we meandered down the road to the Pere Marquette memorial park, and a great view of Big Mac - without rain for 20 minutes!

Big Mac

After that, we drove through St. Ignace, hit on some genius pasties for dinner, and here we are!

(Zoe's already retired for the night. I think I even hear snoring. Traveling is tiring, yo.)

Me...I'm thinking a dip in the pool, some Kindling, and sleep for as long as I want. Know why?

Because I'm on vacation! In the U.P! My favorite place! Sweet!

We're off on more adventures tomorrow - pray for no rain, and see you tomorrow!


joyanu said...


really i love natural rain so this image is very like me

vijayalakshmi said...

i like you so rain so i like you so much