Coupla Books...

I've been a reading fool this week - let's see what I liked and what I didn't...

Long Gone by Alafair Burke

I'm a fan of Burke's "Ellie Hatcher" series, so I was curious how a stand-alone novel would fair and the answer is: well. Though I listened to this (very disjointedly, for I didn't travel much), I was totally engaged by this story of deception, identify theft, murder, the art world, a powerful family and a whole lotta mystery. The story had great pace, great characters and great twists - Alafair gets two thumbs up! The narration on the audiobook was also well done.

Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz

This is de la Cruz's first foray into adult fiction, having made a name for herself with the "Blue Bloods" vampire series for young adults. This is an extremely fast, light read with a bit of intrigue, a bit of mystery, and a REALLY open ending for the inevitable sequels. Two daughters and a mother with witchy powers, long suppressed, find themselves practicing again and, oh, you know, bad stuff happens. And love. And stuff. Will I read the next one? Eh. Maybe. On a slow day - it just didn't have enough *snap* for me....

The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

What do you get when you combine Downton Abbey, dishy Gilded Age fiction, way too many jewels, The Luxe series and a great cover? This book. ;-)

Cora Cash is the richest heiress in America - the only thing she's lacking is a title. So what does she do? Marry a British duke, of course. ;-) Naturally we have fabu parties and dinners, an appearance by the Prince of Wales, infidelity, a bit of Upstairs-Downstairs, and 465 pages of fairly dishy, fairly easy reading. The magic of this book, though, is the ability to transport the reader right back to the 1894 of the privileged of America and Britain. I really want Season 2 of Downton Abbey now!

Close Your Eyes by Amanda Eyre Ward

When Lauren was a little girl, her father murdered her mother. She knows this as truth - until years and years later, her brother Alex begins to cast doubt as to her father's guilt. Thus begins this slim but powerful novel of Lauren discovering her family, the truth, the ties that bind people to each other, and how memories affect us all. This was a fast but engaging read - but I fear that in a month, I won't remember a single detail. It was one of *those* books...enjoyable in the present, but not memorable in the past. Ironic, considering the subject matter...

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