New Orleans Review

I recently had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans for the American Library Association's annual conference. I'd never been to New Orleans before, and was eager to soak up the architecture and cultural heritage of the city. I so enjoyed the random music heard on street corners by talented musicians...the variety of foods I certainly don't see much in the Midwest...the uniqueness of the buildings and structures...

Of course, we ambled up Bourbon Street...

Entering Bourbon Street

Marveled at the variety of French Quarter balconies (called "galleries")...

Amazing Vegetation

Ferns on the Balconies

We wandered around Jackson Square and viewed the impressive cathedral...

The Cathedral

We enjoyed beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde...

Cafe Du Monde


We took a carriage ride around the French Quarter and learned all sorts of history...

The Sun!

We marveled at the Mississippi, bought Mardi Gras masks, rode a trolley to the Garden District one evening, and ate lots of tasty morsels. The conference was also great, learning about new releases, talking with vendors, attending sessions, and seeing some author "rock stars", including Harlan Coben and Stephanie Laurens (highlights for me!). Best of all, I had the chance to meet the "Fabulous Beekman Boys", who were nothing but gracious, charming and inspiring! :-)

(their website)

Josh, Marissa, Brent:

Meeting the Beekmans!

Thanks, New Orleans, for sharing your uniqueness with me!

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