Fabulous Library Displays

Summer Reading Program has been in full swing at my library since early June, and this summer we have the most FABULOUS theme to work with: Novel Destinations! It's all about international destinations, right?!

Each week we've featured a different country, and you can easily tell where we are week to week if you check out our main Summer Reading Program display...all aboard!

All Aboard!

I love our little train station...I especially loved the train sounds we've piped in on repeat for the summer. :-) Cute, no?

My other favorite display thus far has been for our Arabia week program...my fantastic youth librarian had the idea to build an oasis in the desert...and ta da! Oasis in ten steps or less! ;-)

Our "Oasis"

Our Arabian Set

Actually what I like best about these two displays is that they cost only a few dollars for fabric...the rest were found objects around the library (an entry map, a neglected bench, a peace lily, a pop up tent) repurposed for what we needed or borrowed from the homes of staff members. I love the ingenuity!

What do you think? :-)

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