The Canoe

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not much of a meditation gal.

I always start with good intentions of quiet and passive reflection, but then the brain starts meandering...what was on my grocery list, again?... I need to remember to pay that bill tomorrow... what am I going to wear to that wedding?... and so forth.

So, when I stumbled on Meditainment, I was skeptical, but bravely downloaded a few guided meditations, and I have to say, I really enjoy losing myself for 20 minutes or with each one. Some of them I use to fall asleep at night when I can't still my brain, and others just for a 20 minute break from the noise of the world. My favorite, though, is the guided meditation that begins..."You are the navigator of a canoe...."

Doesn't seeing this already make you feel more centered and restful? It's what I see in my mind when I listen...

Source: None via Marissa on Pinterest

No matter where I am - sitting at my desk at work, stuck in traffic, whatever, when a stressful situation might hit me, I can close my eyes for a few seconds and picture that meditation in my head, and I feel better.

Not to mention, it's made me really want to go canoeing now, though I doubt I'll ever do it this fabulously. ;-)

Source: google.com via Kylee on Pinterest

Do you meditate?

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