Break Out the Kindling...

So...obviously, I've been wanting to be part of the e-book wave for a while now.

I'm such an Amazon girl, so I was all set to Kindle, until I discovered that the primary vendor in the library world (Overdrive) that loans e-books was compatible with everything...except Kindle.


Lots of soul-searching and teeth-gnashing ensued...tried talking myself into the Nook from B&N, and just when I was ready to take the plunge and just get it...Overdrive and Kindle announced that they finally are going to play nice!


So, of course, this had to happen for my birthday:


With fabulous lit pink cover, of course. ;-)

Well Of Course...

So far I've read a couple of titles on it, and I absolutely love it! I'm continually amazed by the e-ink, and the total lack of eye strain you associate with reading on a screen. It may not be splashy, colourful or technolusty, but it's perfect for what I want - just to read, read, read!

Now I just have to control my "trigger finger" of shopping from Amazon every time I find a new title I want to read - I *do* still work in a library, after all!

Do you have an e-reader? Do you love it?


Carrie said...

You know I have a mad love affair with my Kindle. Not that I've bought a cover for it or anything, though LOL.

And, ohmygoshyes, I probably buy more books now than before I had one because it's so easy to just go shopping. No traffic, no getting in the hot car to go to the B&N or used book store etc. I'd say half my library hasn't been read because I can't keep up LOL.

Marissa said...

I know, right?! I keep falling into the "one click buy" trap, and then falling desperately behind in reading everything I've bought! I love it though - and the battery life has been excellent thus far! I do love the lit cover though...you should get one, Sweetpea! :-)

Carrie said...

Battery life is excellent. I can usually go a month without recharging if I'm only reading a little bit here and there.

I really do need a cover considering I've finally gotten a scratch on the case. I'm so fickle, though. I'd buy a pink one and want a blue one a week later. *facepalm*