Really, Blogger? Really?

So, Blogger, for reasons unknown, has truncated and erased data from my master book review index - you know, the one I've maintained in a post for the last six years. I've lost pretty much the whole thing.

When I saw it, I actually cried a bit.

Between a crapped out desktop computer at home and the Blogger disaster, I've definitely lost my mojo for blogging recently.


So, I'm going to start rebuilding the index for the current year ONLY, and let the rest be...I guess if I need to find an old review, I'll Google myself. ;-)

At the very least, I'll keep the "books read" count on the 2011 index page, if only because it reminds me of Deadliest Catch's "Crab Count". ;-)

So...don't be alarmed when an index suddenly pops up, I guess is what I'm saying....

In other words, if you use the Book Review Index to find past reviews, you have my heartfelt apologies...believe me, it hurts me even more.

Off to index....but I promise, much more exciting posts are on the way....honest! Stay tuned! :-)

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