2011 Index of Book Reviews

2005 - 162 titles read
2006 - 152 titles read
2007 - 158 titles read
2008 - 159 titles read
2009 - 178 titles read
2010 - 128 titles read
2011 - 154 titles read

(F - fiction, NF - non-fiction, AB - audiobook, YA - young adult, J - juvenile, K- Kindle read)

Adler, Elizabeth. Sailing to Capri. F, AB.
Allen, Sarah Addison. The Peach Keeper. F.
Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn. The Future of Us. YA.

Baart, Nicole. Far From Here. F.
Banerjee, Anjali. Haunting Jasmine. F.
Barbieri, Maggie. Physical Education. F.
Barr, Nevada. A Superior Death. F.
Barry, Brunonia. The Map of True Places. F.
Bauermeister, Erica. Joy for Beginners. F.
Bessette, Alicia. Simply from Scratch. F.
Blake, Jennifer. By His Majesty's Grace. F, K.
Blanchard, Melinda and Bob. A Trip to the Beach. NF.
Bourne, Joanna. My Lord and Spymaster. F.
Bourne, Joanna. The Black Hawk. F.
Brackston, Paula. The Witch's Daughter. F.
Brashares, Ann. Sisterhood Everlasting. F.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Breaking the Rules. F.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Tall, Dark and Devastating. F.
Brockovich, Erin. Rock Bottom. F, AB.
Brockovich, Erin. Hot Water. F.
Brod, DC. Getting Lucky. F.
Brown, Eleanor. The Weird Sisters. F.
Bruno, Dave. The 100 Thing Challenge. NF.
Burke, Alafair. 212. F.
Burke, Alafair. Long Gone. F, AB.
Butler, Sarah Lorge. Run Your Butt Off. NF, K.

Cabot, Meg. Abandon. YA.
Caldwell, Gail. Let's Take the Long Way Home. NF, K.
Carr, Robyn. Harvest Moon. F.
Castillo, Linda. Breaking Silence. F.
Castle, Richard. Naked Heat. F.
Clare, Cassandra. Clockwork Angel. YA.
Coben, Harlan. Shelter. YA.
Coleman, Reed Farrel. Hurt Machine. F.
Connors, Philip. Fire Season. NF.
Crusie, Jennifer. The Cinderella Deal. F.
Crusie, Jennifer. Trust Me On This. F, AB.
Cullen, Dave. Columbine. NF.

Dave, Laura. The First Husband. F.
Dawson, Maddie. The Stuff That Never Happened. F.
de la Cruz, Melissa. Witches of East End. F.
Delinsky, Barbara. Not My Daughter. F, AB.
de los Santos, Marisa. Falling Together. F.

De Rosnay, Tatiana. A Secret Kept. F, AB.
Dessen, Sarah. What Happened to Goodbye. F, YA.
D'Urso, Lynne. Heartbroke Bay. F.

Ehrenreich, Barbara. Bait and Switch. NF.
Elkeles, Simone. Chain Reaction. YA.
Erickson, Carolly. The Favored Queen. F.
Erskine, Kathryn. Mockingbird. J.
Evanovich, Janet. Smokin' Seventeen. F.
Evanovich, Janet. Explosive Eighteen. F.
Evans, Polly. Kiwis Might Fly. NF, K.

French, Tana. Faithful Place. F.

Genova, Lisa. Left Neglected. F.
Godbersen, Anna. Bright Young Things. YA.
Goodwin, Daisy. The American Heiress. F.
Grandin, Temple. Thinking in Pictures. NF.
Grey, Juliet. Becoming Marie Antoinette. F.
Gudenkauf, Heather. These Things Hidden. F.
Guibord, Maurissa. Warped. YA.

Hamilton, Steve. North of Nowhere. F, K.
Hamilton, Steve. Misery Bay. F, K.
Hannah, Kristin. Night Road. F.
Harris, Charlaine. Dead Reckoning. F.
Henry, Patti Callahan. Coming Up for Air. F.
Higgins, Jack. The Year of the Tiger. F, AB.
Hoffman, Alice. The Red Garden. F.
Hsieh, Tony. Delivering Happiness. NF.

James, Eloisa. When Beauty Tamed the Beast. F.
James, Eloisa. Duchess By Night. F.
James, Julie. A Lot Like Love. F. 
James, Syrie. The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte. F.
Janze, Rhonda. Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. NF.
Johansen, Iris. Eve. F.
Juby, Susan. Home to Woefield. F.
Judd, Ashley. All That Is Bitter and Sweet. NF.

Karp, Brianna. Girl's Guide to Homelessness. NF.
Kennedy, Douglas. The Moment. F.
Kilmer-Purcell, Josh. The Bucolic Plague. NF.
Knight, India. Comfort and Joy. F.
Koryta, Michael. The Ridge. F.
Kortya, Michael. A Welcome Grave. F, AB.

Lansens, Lori. The Girls. F.
Langley, J.L. Tin Star. F, K.
LaPlante, Alice. Turn of Mind. F.
Larsson, Stieg. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. F.
Larsson, Stieg. The Girl Who Played with Fire. F.
Laurens, Stephanie. Beyond Seduction. F.
Laurens, Stephanie. The Edge of Desire. F.
Laurens, Stephanie. Mastered by Love. F, K.
Leavitt, Caroline. Pictures of You. F.
Lourey, Jess. October Fest. F, K.
Lowe, Rob. Stories I Only Tell My Friends. NF.
Lupton, Rosamund. Sister. F.
Lutz, Lisa and Hayward, David. Heads You Lose. F, K.

Macomber, Debbie. 16 Lighthouse Road. F.
Macomber, Debbie. The Perfect Christmas. F.
Martin, George R.R. A Game of Thrones. F.
Martin, George R.R. A Clash of Kings. F, K.
Maynard, Joyce. The Good Daughters. F.
McBride, Susan. Little Black Dress. F.
McNeal, Tom. To Be Sung Underwater. F.
Meier, Diane. The Season of Second Chances. F.
Meissner, Susan. A Seahorse in the Thames. F.
Mitchell, Rain. Tales From the Yoga Studio. F.
Mitzner, Adam. A Conflict of Interest. F.
Moriarty, Liane. What Alice Forgot. F.
Myracle, Lauren. ttyl. F, YA.

O'Donohue, Clare. Missing Persons. F.
O'Donohue, Clare. The Devil's Puzzle. F.
O'Neal, Barbara. How to Bake a Perfect Life. F.
Otsuka, Julie. The Buddha in the Attic. F.

Palmer, Diana. Fearless. F, K.
Patchett, Ann. State of Wonder. F.
Patterson, James. Worst Case. F, AB.
Patterson, James. Run for Your Life. F, AB.
Patterson, James. The Postcard Killers. F, AB.
Patterson, James. Tick Tock. F, AB.
Pegg, Simon. Nerd Do Well. NF, K.
Pekkanen, Sarah. Skipping a Beat. F.
Perrotta, Tom. The Leftovers. F.
Picoult, Jodi. Sing You Home. F.

Ray, Jeanne. Eat Cake. F.
Reef, Catherine. Jane Austen: A Life Revealed. NF.
Rees, Matt. Mozart's Last Aria. F.
Roberts, Nora. Temptation. F, AB.
Roberts, Nora. The Next Always. F, K.
Roberts, Sheila. The Snow Globe. F.
Rodriguez, Deborah. A Cup of Friendship. F.
Rosenblatt, Roger. Making Toast. NF, AB.

Schine Cathleen. The Three Weissmans of Westport. F.
Shreve, Anita. Rescue. F, AB.
Simmons, Kelly. The Bird House. F.
Small, Jeffrey. The Breath of God. F.
Stevens, Chevy. Never Knowing. F.
Stainton, Keris. Della Says OMG! YA.
Strasnick, Lauren. Her and Me and You. YA.

Taggart, Caroline. An Apple a Day. NF.
Thompson, Vick Lewis. Should've Been a Cowboy. F.

Villas, James. Hungry for Happiness. F.

Wallace, Nicolle. Eighteen Acres. F.
Wallace, Nicolle. It's Classified. F.
Ward, Amanda Eyre. Close Your Eyes. F.
Watson, S.J. Before I Go to Sleep. F.
Weiner, Jennifer. Then Came You. F.
Weir, Theresa. The Orchard. NF.
Weiss, Rachael. Me, Myself and Prague. 2011. NF.
West, Michael Lee. Gone With a Handsomer Man. F.
Wickham, Madeleine. 40 Love. F.
Wiggs, Susan. At the Queen's Summons. F.
Woods, Stuart. Strategic Moves. F, AB.
Woods, Stuart. Bel-Air Dead. F, AB.
Woods, Stuart. Shoot Him If He Runs. F, AB.

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