Book Review: The First Husband

The First Husband by Laura Dave

I enjoyed Dave's novel The Divorce Party, so when Viking Publicity offered me a shiny new copy, I said sure!

Annie Adams and her boyfriend of five years, Nick, have good jobs they love, a great dog and a plan to stay together forever.

Until Nick announces he's moving out, and reconnecting with an old flame.


Annie, naturally, wigs out, wonders into a bar, and falls truly, madly, deeply in love with Griffin, a chef who seems to be the perfect man for her.

Until he announces he's moving back East to open his own restaurant, and hey, should they get married?

Good setup, right?

They marry, and then things get complicated, as Annie adapts to a new town, a new husband, a new job offer, and then Nick rolling back into town and back into her life...

This is a really engaging read - you find yourself rooting for Annie right away, but I don't want to spoil by telling which man I prefer in the novel. Dave doesn't make Annie's choices easily, yet this isn't a "woe is me" read, but rather an exploration of what one woman truly wants, and truly values - and which surprises even her. If you enjoyed Dave's first novel, or like women's fiction, this is a quick, engaging title to grab. Enjoy!

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