A Few Titles....

Time for a few titles I've been reading....

Trust Me on This by Jennifer Crusie

I'm a fan of all things Crusie, so I was happy to grab this audiobook and give it a listen. Crusie admits it's her first - and only - true screwball comedy, and I enjoyed every minute! Quirky, cute, funny and with happy endings all around - just how I like my Crusie! Great narrator too! :-)

Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin

This was actually the title we read for our most recent book discussion group, and I have to admit, I was a skeptical...an autistic writing about...cows?

But this is actually a very imformative glimpse into the world of a high-functioning autistic (Grandin) and her battle not only with her condition, but with trying to break into the male-dominated world of cattle handling. She ably discusses her views on religion, animals, her autism and more, which is very educational. However, the book, as you would imagine, is written in a very clinical manner, and I found I had to read a "little and often", instead of just diving into it because of the "textbook" nature of much of it. Nonetheless, I'm glad I read it - and that I viewed the HBO version of "Temple Grandin", starring Claire Danes. The book discussion ladies liked it too!

16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber

You know how sometimes librarians have "homework"? Yeah, this was homework. ;-)

Macomber is insanely popular at my library, and I felt like I needed to be better versed in her writing and in this series in particular (the "Cedar Cove" series). Fluffy writing, easy reading, not terribly harrowing storylines, but with absolutely NO resolution to any of them, because, you know, it's a series. Bit of an annoyance not to have any wrap-up, but then again, there are about a dozen more books in the series! Will I read more of them? Honestly, probably not, but I'm glad I read this one and know more about Macomber!

Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Everyone once in a while, I give Patterson another chance, and actually, this one was a surprisingly good listen.

Detective Mike Bennett of the NYPD is assigned a string of bizarre kidnappings of young, wealthy teenagers, and the kidnappings take on a sinister tone as they turn up dead one by one at the hands of a man wanting to "shout out" about the state of the world today, and it's up to Mike and FBI agent Emily Parker to put the pieces together - quickly.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one - Patterson to me usually means choppy chapters, pedestrian language and a predictable storyline, but this one definitely ratcheted up the tension, and I really like the character of Bennett. A great listen - but why is it only Patterson titles get "background noise" of music, gunshots, etc. within the production? Weird. Still, recommended - I even check out another Bennett title to listen to when I returned this one!

A Cup of Friendship by Deborah Rodriguez

I really liked Rodriguez's memoir "Kabul Beauty School", so when I saw she had released a fictional title, also set in Kabul, I was eager to read it.

Sunny, an American, runs a coffeeshop in tension-filled Kabul, and the story revolves around her and the men and women - both natives and ex-pats - who fill her shop. There is an obvious female-centric feel to the book, and brings to light the cruelty and oppression against women in Afghanistan, while also standing hopeful about what a small group of people can accomplish and mean to one another. I really enjoyed the view "behind the veil" as it were, while acknowledging that while there is some happiness to be had, not every plotline had a happy ending. Recommended for those interested in other cultures and female-friendly fiction....

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Melissa said...

I like Debbie Macomber a little - when I need some light reading I tend to enjoy her Blossom Street series (they started out set in a knitting shop, so natch I had to try them out!). I get her confused with Barbara Delinksy sometimes (I don't know why).