Book Review: A Conflict of Interest

A Conflict of Interest by Adam Mitzner

I was offered a review copy from FSB of this debut novel by Mitzner, whose story was being compared to Scott Turow, so I said, sure, let's give it a read!

Alex Miller is a young criminal defense attorney at one of the most powerful legal firms in New York City when he is asked to represent an old family friend in a securities case of stock fraud. Alex takes the case, and the story winds tighter and tighter as Alex and his (female) colleague work to prove the innocence of Michael Ohlig, only to have a new challenge arise on the eve of Ohlig's court case.

This novel explores not only the legal system - in great detail, at times - but also the family life of Alex, and the complexities of his parent's relationship, and how that relates back to Michael Ohlig - a man he believes to be innocent, until....

This novel definitely had a few twists I didn't see coming, and though it felt a bit slow and staid at first, it really began to ramp up as the courtroom date approaches, and then from there really gets jogging! I thought this was a well-plotted story with flawed but interesting characters, an easy readership and a fairly satisfying ending. Recommended!

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