Relay for Life 5K: The Blow By Blow Edition!

So, at about 3am during Relay for Life last June, we were all sitting around, trying to keep each other awake when Marty piped up and said, "Ya know what we should do next year? We should have a Relay 5K."

And now, almost a year later, we can put a checkmark by that.


And what a great event it was. :-)

It took a helluva lot of planning, finessing and finalizing, but as of today, we estimate that we've netted $5,417 towards our Relay for Life.

For a first year event.

WOW, is all I can say. :-)

(Our modest initial goal? A $500 profit. Yeah, we blew THAT out...)

We had about 80 people pre-registered, but I think we were up to bib number 168 when the event started, so we actually had more registrants the day of than pre-registered, we ran out of shirts, we had the most gorgeous weather ever, and everything went off without a hitch.

Marty Introduces the Event

Including my own participation. :-)

I'm Official!

(The bandana marks me as a race organizer, or as someone who might know something if you ask. MIGHT. *grin*)

Michelle (and Ziggy!) came down for the weekend, and we left the puppies behind to exhaust each other while we worked registration before hitting the starting line...


The gun sounded, and we took on the 3.12 mile course, Michelle as a runner and me as a walker.

Her goal: less than 42 minutes. My goal: less than 60 minutes.

Yeah, we shattered those. ;-)

Despite shin splits for me (stoopid fast takeoff to keep up with everyone) and a bit of a sunburn, we came through like troopers...

Michelle clocked a 32 MINUTE time, and I came in at (officially) 51:34.

March 19

And no, I wasn't last. In fact, I was in the top 100!

We were both super-psyched with our times! Yay!

We couldn't have had better weather, better organizers, better times, or a better blow-out meal at Tequila's afterwards. ;-)

And not once did we forget why we do what we do...

I Walk For...

I can't wait for next year!

And Michelle and I are already trying to figure out our next 5K adventure...

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