Please Support Mommy in Relay for Life


*lifts a paw and waves*

I’m Zoe.

I’m a so-cute-it-hurts Havanese puppy, and you know my super fantastic mommy, Marissa.

Mommy is great – she sneaks me “people food” all the time, takes me for lots of walks, lets me nap on her bed whenever I’m tired, and even got me this super-stylish purple coat (see picture), because purple means passion to Mommy.

Wanna know why?

Because purple means Relay.

See, Mommy is the Big-Kahuna-Grand-Poobah-Top-Dog of the Relay for Life of her whole town this year, and so she’s really busy with planning the event and helping everyone with fundraising, so she’s hardly had time for her own fundraising.

So, I thought I would help out by sending this email. I’m swell like that.

(And modest.)

Mommy is really, really passionate about Relay for Life, especially since her mommy passed away from breast cancer two and a half years ago. I know how much she misses her mommy, and that she’s sworn to raise as much money as she can, for as long as she has to, to eradicate cancer forever.

She doesn’t want anyone to have to live with a hole in their heart forever from losing someone close to them to cancer.

So, even though she leaves me by myself for all these meetings and important Relay events, I totally get it. And I’m totally on board. So that’s why you’re getting this letter. Mommy thinks you might be someone willing to donate to her cause, and I’d be really, really grateful if you did – maybe then she wouldn’t have to work so hard, because cancer would be gone forever!

Okay, here are the specs you should know: you can donate online. It’s simple. It’s secure. And it’s fast. Easy-peasy, right?

Just go here:


Then click the blue button to donate to Mommy. Even a so-cute-it-hurts Havanese puppy can do it!

So, will you help me, and Mommy, out? She raises funds for a cause she’s passionate about, we all help beat cancer, and best of all, Mommy can stop having so many meetings and can take me for a long walk. In fact, I’m gonna go grab my leash right now…

I know Mommy would want me to say thank you very much, and even if you can’t donate, thanks for all your support. You’re the best!


Zoe (and Mommy too!)

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