Book Review: Sing You Home

 Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

First and foremost, I'm on Team Picoult. Love her books, love her writing, love her thought-provoking storylines, and love that this time, she tackles the overarching question of "what makes a family".

Zoe is desperate to have a child and she and her husband Max have gone to extraordinary lengths to get pregnant. When Zoe loses the baby and her marriages disintegrates, the stories divide - Max falls into old patterns, finds Jesus and becomes a new man, while Zoe finds herself in love again - with a woman. In typical Picoult style, the story is told in different, alternating voices.

What follows is what happens when families disintegrate, new ones merge, and new life is sought - and throw in a lawsuit, a zealous preacher and an affair for good measure. ;-)

Picoult's books keep me flipping page after page, wanting to see where the story goes, and what the "twist" will be. The ending was no great surprise, but I enjoyed the journey getting there. I will say, however, that Picoult's scientific writing - talking about fertility, etc. - seemed very *clinical*, rather than put into "people terms". I would have liked to have seen that tidied up a bit for smoother, more "fiction-y" reading.

I see a lot of reviews have been incredibly critical of this title, and think this title is not up to Picoult's glowing standards, but I enjoyed it as a novel, though not as much as some of her previous titles that have gripped me. Part of me wonders if she set the bar SO high with some of her previous novels that she'll never be able to please everyone again!

Overall, though, this one was another thumb's up!

I forgot to mention...Picoult also included a music CD of original songs sung by "Zoe" - though I didn't listen to it until after I'd read the book, I thought the songs also told the story, just in a different way. Picoult wrote the lyrics, but a friend did the singing and guitar accompaniment. I thought it was a unique idea to include!

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