Book Review: The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

Though I might not be able to definitively tell you why, I absolutely loved this book.

I loved the third person plural voice. I loved the relationship between sisters - loving and contentious. I loved the literary references. I loved the storyline. And I love a happy ending.

Cordy, Bean and Rose are the daughters of a Shakespeare scholar who for various reasons, have come home to help their mother, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer - this setup alone drew me in, as so many of their experiences were similar to mine (and Michelle's) with Mum during her cancer battle, and the father has many parallels to ours as well. All of the sisters have their own problems and demons, and though they have at times a tense relationship with each other, they are bound by their sisterhood, and that which makes them unique.

I absolutely loved the writing and the unique voice Brown brought to fiction, and found myself dreading the end, when I would have to let the "weird sisters" (a Shakespeare reference, for those who don't know) go back between the pages of the book. A great, great read!

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