Book Review: Tales from the Yoga Studio

Tales from the Yoga Studio by Rain Mitchell

I like chick lit, I like yoga, and I like good covers, so I was definitely up for reading this title when offered by the fine folks at FSB Associates!

If I had to pick a word for this title, I think it would be "meandering". The set-up is much the same as any knitting/quilting/cooking as balm for the soul book: a yoga studio that brings together diverse women with their own problems, somehow unites them despite their differences. And while this book delivers just that - with a few yoga poses thrown in - I found overall the title meandered through its pages, moving a bit too slowly to pull in most readers.

I know this title is the start of a series, and while I liked the characters just fine, I found myself mixing up "who was who, and who's problem is which", which tells me that the definition of each wasn't as clear as it could have been for little old me. I really enjoyed the descriptions of the yoga classes, the settings and serenity associated with yoga practice, but even then, it felt a bit commercial - which, if you read the book, is ironic. ;-)

I didn't *dislike* this novel by any means, and I might even read the next in the series, but I fear that if you ask me a month or two from now who the characters were or what the premise was, I'm not sure I could tell you. I hate that, because I really wanted to root for this one. It was just a bit too meandering to be memorable.

(And it really needs a snappier title!)

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