Book Review: Rescue

Rescue by Anita Shreve

The last couple of Shreve books haven't inspired much in me, and when my friend Nat said this one didn't grab her either, I didn't have terribly high hopes. However, I checked out the audiobook, hoping an auditory experience might help...

It did, a little, maybe.

Webster is an EMT, Sheila is the (drunk) girl he rescues after a car crash, and what follows is their pas de deux of being together, being apart, being parents, and weathering what life throws at them. It was...okay, but it didn't feel fresh, exciting, provacative or different, and even the writing wasn't as luminous as I remember Shreve being. It felt...phoned in, I guess...

The book was okay, but with three strikes, I'm not sure I'll be putting Shreve on my "to read" list very quickly in the future. Darn it. :-(

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