Book Review: Night Road

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

I so enjoyed Hannah's Winter Garden last year, so when AuthorsOnTheWeb offered me a review copy of her newest, I jumped at the chance!

Hannah's writing is very evocative and easy to read, and I love some of the descriptions and phrases she uses throughout, but for some reason, this title didn't grab me like her last - it was a bit Lifetime Original Movie for me.

It started off so promisingly - Lexi, a down-on-her-luck foster teen moves in with a newly found relative on the rich and insular island of Pine Island, near Seattle. There, she meets twins Mia - an instant connection bonding them as best friends - and Zach, whom she falls in love with from afar, and who eventually reciprocates her feelings.

The story chugs along for a while, until the "telegraphed from early on" necessary tragedy occurs, ripping not only the threesome, but their families apart.

Lexi was an engaging character and I enjoyed the story through her eyes, and likewise, the supporting characters (the twins' father, Lexi's aunt, an attorney) were the real "unsung heroes" of the tale. But to me, what stuttered this story to a stop was the incredibly unlikeable mother of the twins, Jude.

Yes, she experienced tragedy. Yes, it sucks and her grief is natural. But she just wallowed, bitched, groaned, and didn't grow at all, punishing everyone around her, and just seemed vindictive and annoying. Ugh. I found myself cringing when the story switched to her perspective...

Hannah, of course, puts together a happy ending, and while for the most part I enjoyed the journey there, the jarring character of Jude and the lack of perspective from Zach didn't sit well with me.

Though I don't rate this as highly as her last novel, Hannah has again produced a page-turner for sure (hey, I couldn't stop reading it!), and her writing is truly lovely and easy. If you like a bit of drama, a bit of romance, and a happy ending, be sure to check out Hannah's Night Road.

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