Book Review: How to Bake a Perfect Life

 How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal

This looks like a fluffy, girly novel, but it actually packs a lot of punch into its pages!

Ramona is the 40-something mother of a married daughter who is herself pregnant, the owner of a bakery shop, a singleton who has dealt with family drama in the past but otherwise lives quietly, until a series of events bring her a teenage girl to care for, a monetary disaster (or two) for the bakery, a new love and a chance to reconcile with her family...

This book is sweet without being treacly, tender without being gaggish, and hopeful while still being "real". I really liked all the characters, and was rooting for things to go Ramona's way throughout, because I love a happy ending - and I got one. :-)

This is an easy, "rainy Saturday" read which will make you crave fresh baked bread and a dog by your side. :-)

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