Book Review: Columbine

Columbine by Dave Cullen

So, in December, I read The Hate List, which was about a fictional school shooting, and it spurred my interest again in school shootings and reminded me that I never read Dave Cullen's 10-years-in-the-making book about the tragedy, so I wanted to right that wrong.

This is a great, great piece of investigative writing. Cullen interviewed, spoke to, and was a part of Columbine from within the first hours of the event. This book not only details what happened when, but provides lots of perspectives from those inside - and outside - the school that day, as well as righting the vast number of wrongs the media spun after the event, and for years after.

They weren't part of the Trench Coat Mafia.

Cassie didn't declare her faith before she was shot.

The attack only last minutes, but people hid for up to four and five hours.

So much was included in this book, but Cullen breaks it into "bite sized" chapters, to help break up the stimuli, and to switch back and forth from the event, before, and after, and focuses on several of the "key characters".

This is a fantastic look into Columbine as more than just detailing minute-by-minute the shooting, and I found it completely absorbing. Upsetting and sad, yes, but absorbing. Highly recommended!

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