Book Review: Coffeehouse Angel

Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors

So, a while back, Trish had a "redesign the bookcover" contest featuring this YA novel, and of course, I had to jump on that, and I actually won! Thanks to Suzanne for sending along an autographed copy of the book as well as a coffee mug!

I actually have bittersweet memories of this book, because it was the last title I read on my VACATION! In short, Katrina lives in seemingly perfect Nordby, WA, a Scandinavian themed village, but things quickly start spiraling out of control for her - an ailing grandmother, a competing coffeeshop to the one Katrina's grandmother owns, a best friend dating someone new, and a lack of direction for her life seem to be the hallmarks of Katrina's world. Until, that is, she helps what appears to be a homeless man in the alley behind the coffeeshop, only to discover he's a messenger angel...

This is a frothy, very G-rated young adult novel, a little light on true conflict and a little heavy on obvious conclusions, but Katrina is an engaging character, and younger readers will definitely root for her to get together with the right boy. This is a light and quick read, and though I'm not sure it will keep the attention of the Harry Potter/Twilight/Percy Jackson crowd, it's sweet and easy, particularly for young female readers.

Thanks again to Trish for the contest, and to Suzanne for her copy!

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