Home Again, Home Again

So, Friday morning, we woke up and headed out of Iron Mountain, intending to take a "lake road" towards OshKosh, where we would overnight.

But as I played around with our GPS and bemoaned the fact that "all the pretty was over", I convinced Dad we should just make a dash for home - wanting to be back in my own bed, instead of belaboring the "trip south" part.

And aside from a disastrous 2 hours in Chicago traffic, that's what we did, arriving in TinyTown around 11:30pm on Friday evening.

My own bed? Bliss.

Overall, the trip was spectacular, and here are a few stats to chew on....

  • Number of miles driven: 3178
  • Number of books read: 14
  • Number of pasties eaten: 5
  • Number of times I drove: 3
  • Number of pictures taken between the both of us: 1 GB's worth
  • Number of waterfalls seen: 8
  • Number of Great Lakes seen: 3
Good times. :-)

I'll be uploading pictures to my own Flickr account over the next few days and tweaking some of my favorite shots, so I'll have at least one more "wrap up" post about it. Thanks for traveling with us - hope you enjoyed it!

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