Days 2 & 3

Whew! It's been a whirlwind couple of days! We arrived in Grand Rapids on Thursday evening, and for the last two days, I've been completely immersed in the Relay for Life Division Summit (Great Lakes Division!) while Dad and Zoe amused themselves in the area.

Shortly before arriving at the conference the first morning and shortly before getting thrown out of a public park for having a Zoe with us, we got to see an amazing sculpture garden complete with a traveling Chihuly exhibit (love him!)...

And then it was off to the conference in downtown Grand Rapids!

And for two days I hung out with other Southwest Indiana Relayers, sat in sessions, attended general sessions, shopped the "Relay Store", ate tasty meals and just generally soaked up the experience. Good times.

(Hey! That's my Relay up on the big screen! Yay!)

I'll talk about our group having to perform a cheer in front of 450 people using a baby as a prop another time. Really.

And then the conference was over (poof!) and we got outta town. We decided to sidebar over to Uncle John's Cider Mill (sight of a great layover last year for nibbles and puppy walking) but since it was decidedly dreary, we bought our cider and Honeycrisp apples and then got outta Dodge.

A few hours later, we hit "Big Mac" (Mum's Mackinac Bridge) with dinner in tow, checked into our roach motel - the exactly same room as last year! - and immediately opened the door to hear the waves of Lake Huron. A few more hours of that sound, and maybe I'll finally start realizing I'm on vacation after all...

A good run up, and now we are officially in "Yooper Country" - the U.P.! Until tomorrow, as I'm definitely having an early night in St. Ignace! G'night!

Forgot to mention that for dinner we had our first pasties of the trip (yum!)...

I think I can safely say everyone enjoyed it. ;-)

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