Day 8 - Point A to Point B

Today was primarily a "get from one place to another" type of day, with a couple of great diversions. We took a different route towards the Keeweenaw in order to hit the Baraga area, and a particularly great waterfall that Carol had told us about - yay for Canyon Falls!

After that great detour, we headed into the Porcupine Mountains and went to see the changing colours (which were largely off the trees, unfortunately) at Lake of the Clouds, which was still a lovely view, and with such a clear day, we could see about 20 miles away! Wow!

 And per tradition, we have to have a few "family snaps" from the vantage point! :-)

We're off to explore this area tomorrow, footloose and fancy free! G'night!

Bonus: Canyon Falls waterfall vid!

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