Day 4 - In the UP!

So, every time I mention that my family vacations "up north" the only thing people ask is...have you been the Mackinac Island? That hotel is beautiful!"

So, being the brave souls we are, we hit the touristy island for a day of cool sunshine, lots of walking, a fair bit of horse poo odor, a spot of shopping and an overall good day. :-)

Dad and I were excited about hitting the catamaran to zip to the Island - Zoe was...apprehensive, but ultimately brave. :-)

We disembarked, and spent a nice morning wandering about, making friends through Zoe, doing a bit of shopping, and having a spot of lunch on the island. We took lots of pictures, but these are a few of my favorites...

We finally left the island around 3pm and headed back to the hotel for a spot of reading, dinner and organizing. Also, two of the three of this party took the opportunity to have a nap:

And one of the party took the opportunity to have one right after that one. Poor girl. ;-)

But she woke up in time for the sunset...

We're off to Sault Ste. Marie tomorrow and then to Munising. G'night!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! Enjoy!